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- National Dialup Access @ $10.00 per month  -


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56K V.92 dial-up service, 3 email accounts, web based email, 5Mb of web space, and a permanent email address for life*
This is not a pre-pay yearly rate or a teaser rate, It is the rate.
 DSL Now Available - it's easy to get started -
DSL Now Available
1. look up and write down local access numbers for your calling area
2. call your operator and verify toll free status of the access numbers
3. call the access numbers to verify computer modem connections
4. order our services online or by calling 530-333-1369
5. We'll talk you through set-up if you need help!

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- Web Site Hosting @ $8.00 to $12.00 per month -

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- includes the following ready to go features at no charge -
Discussion Forum (BBS), Guestbook, Visitor Traffic Statistics, Site Search Engine, Password Protected Areas, SSL Secure Server, Shopping Cart Interface, Search Engine Submission, Personalized Service and more.
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